Cancun Party Tips

Tips for a great Cancun night out:

To get the most out of Cancun’s Nightlife, there are a few tips that you should follow. Stay safe and party like a Rock Star!

  • Tips are expected upfront. This will ensure good service from your bartender. During Spring Break or busy nights you most likely will not get served at all unless you tip first, even after paying for “open bar”. You can avoid this by joining one of the escorted tours. The escort guides make sure you always have a drink. You should tip them depending on service.
  • shot-girl

  • Beware of shot girls with whistles that mingle in the club looking to sell tequila or jello shots. Although they are fun and make great photo opportunities, they can be very aggressive and expensive. At $5 per shot plus tip you don’t want to order too many.
  • The alcohol served is not great quality. The liquor served in Cancun Nightclubs have come under scrutiny lately and they may begin to server higher grade alcohol soon. Be aware of how much you consume since your body might not be used to the lower quality alcohol.
  • If ordering by the drink instead of open bar, try to pay at each round instead of running a tab. If you do run a tab, be sure to keep count of the drinks and examine the check closely.
  • Cancun clubs and discos can be very crowded, large places. Moving through the clubs can be slow and it is easy to get lost. Try to remember where the exits and bathrooms are located.
  • Keep an eye on your drinks at all times and do not accept drinks from strangers. This goes for guys as well as girls!
  • Don’t leave your camera on the table or your purse hanging from your seat.
  • People may try to sell you drugs. Just think to yourself “I wonder what the inside of a Mexican jail looks like?” and that should help you make the right decisions.